Policy Communications Consultation

The Policy Lab offers one-on-one consultation with a policy communications instructor in three areas: policy writing, presentations and interviews, and media relations. The consultant assists students with assignments and deliverables such as policy memos, policy case analyses, and longer policy papers. Students may ask for help polishing drafts for publication, including academic journal articles and short op-eds and feature stories. In addition to writing instruction and support, the communications consultant is able to advise students on presentations, including graphics and oral presentation style. Students are welcome to set up a presentation practice session with the consultant, with optional video recording. The Communications Consultant also welcomes students to practice media interviews or discuss media relations for policy projects.

These one-on-one sessions can help you:

  • Brainstorm policy papers
  • Structure policy papers according to genre
  • Self-edit for clarity, concision, structure, and style
  • Frame arguments for diverse audiences
  • Adapt longer papers for scholarly journals
  • Develop graphics for data
  • Enhance PowerPoint slides
  • Practice oral delivery style
  • Prepare for media interviews
  • Anticipate questions for conference presentations

Regarding appointments, keep in mind:

  • Office hours vary each term, with some availability by appointment.
  • Consultations are typically 30 minutes.
  • Last-minute appointments are often not possible, although the consultant tries to be flexible. Try to make an appointment well before an assignment is due.
  • A writing consultant is not a copy editor. If you are in need of a copy editor, you may ask for advice about hiring a paid professional in the area.
  • The consultant is not an ESL instructor. She is willing to help international students with English grammar on a limited basis.