Photos, Videos and Broadcast

General Rules for Journalists on Campus

The Stanford campus is private property. Stanford reserves the right to refuse permission to film or photograph on Stanford-owned lands for any reason.

Permission to shoot news-related photography or film in interior spaces is required in all circumstances. This includes administration and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories, dormitories and residences. Also covered under this rule are inside dining areas, private or public. The SLS Communications Department must accompany news crews when filming on campus. Please email to request assistance.

Commercial filming and photography are prohibited. Non-news and noncommercial photography and filming requests must be made in writing at least five days in advance by emailing Kurt Hickman, See non-news filming and photography policies here.

Permission must be granted by individual instructors to take photographs of or film classrooms; by supervisors for labs; and by administrators or resident fellows through the Stanford News Service for dorms and dining rooms. This has been a long-standing rule at Stanford, and there are no exceptions. It applies to any type of photography — stills, video and film — and to print and broadcast reporters with cameras.

Obtaining Photos of SLS

To obtain photographs of Stanford individuals and events for publication in news media, please contact the Stanford Law School Communications Department at:

Video B-Roll

Broadcast news media requests for campus B-roll should be directed to Gordon Gurley, Director, Stanford Video, For all other news video requests, contact the Stanford News Service at (650) 723-2558.

Broadcast Facilities

Stanford has broadcast studio facilities available to the news media on a first-come, first-served basis for interviewing faculty and staff. We have the capacity to transmit by VYVX fiber optic for television and by ISDN for radio for live broadcast feeds. For more information, contact Stanford Video at (650) 725-4872.