Student Experience

The Clinic strives to provide students a generative and supportive environment to learn, reflect, experiment, and grow, while contributing to the work of human rights advocates and conflict resolution practitioners around the globe. The Clinic aims to create a space where all students are able to bring their full selves and participate in all aspects of the Clinic.

Given the collaborative nature of human rights work, the Clinic intentionally fosters building community and sustained relationships between students, supervisors, partners and Clinic alumni.

Students are empowered to take ownership of all stages of their projects, from partner engagement to identifying, sequencing, and implementing advocacy strategies. Throughout this process, students receive guidance, feedback, and mentorship that accounts for different learning styles and that enables individual, peer-to-peer, and community learning. The Clinic also connects students to mentors in their areas of interest within the human rights and conflict resolution fields.

The Clinic is easily the most significant learning experience I have had while at Stanford. This experience helped me truly appreciate the finer details of client- and community-centered lawyering. I left the clinic feeling extremely proud to have assisted our partners in a way they felt was meaningful and impactful.

Roshan Natarajan, JD '24 

The Clinic provided an immersive and supportive environment where I was able to apply my legal knowledge to real world human rights issues. One of the most rewarding aspects was the emphasis on working in partnership with impacted communities. 

Audrey Spensley, JD '23

Student Reflections