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In response to the globalization of public interest lawyering and growing student interest in pursuing international careers, the Levin Center has developed an international program that connects students and alumni to educational opportunities and careers in this growing field.

Legal practice is globalizing at a rapid rate. Virtually every arena of public interest law — from environmental law to criminal law, from public health law to national security law — has international aspects. At the same time, certain strategies such as human rights, rule of law and development finance are more commonly deployed in international as opposed to domestic practice. In order to address these complexities, the Center provides individualized career counseling and career development resources to respond to the specific needs of students who are planning to pursue international public interest careers.

The Levin Center also partners with public interest attorneys seeking to build rule of law in transitional societies. The Levin Center has hosted visiting fellows from a number of transitional societies around the world and has given them the opportunity to mentor our students and to connect with resources that address leadership and organizational development challenges and opportunities in their home countries.

Titi Liu, who directs the program, teaches courses on the role of law in social change in a global context and on lawyering and leading in transitional societies.