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General Information

Contacts for questions about basic law school statistics, photography archives, and referrals for outside resources.

Find basic law school statistics

Contact: Sabrina Johnson (

Access the SLS photo archive


Contact: Email to request access to the law school’s photo archive, or if you have questions email Alelie Viray (

Get referrals to graphic designers, photographers, printers, etc.

Contact: Jennifer Stroth (, Alelie Viray (, or Sharon Driscoll (

News and Media

Contacts for questions regarding SLS social media strategy, media relations advice, event coverage and videos, etc.

Invite press to an event

Contact: Media Team (

Get media relations advice

Contact: Media Team (

If you receive a call from a reporter

Contact: Media Team (

Questions about Social Media strategy

Contact: Stephanie Ashe (

Set up a Blog/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/etc. account

Contact: Media Team (

Post a video to the SLS YouTube channel

Contact: Media Team (

Publications and Content

Contacts for questions regarding content for Stanford Lawyer Magazine, Law@Stanford, Stanford Legal on Sirius XM, Who's Who directory, etc.

Submit an idea for Stanford Lawyer

Contact: Sharon Driscoll (

Submit an item, ad, or event for Law@Stanford

Contact: Sharon Driscoll ( or Frances Gunther (

Submit an idea for Stanford Legal on Sirius XM

Contact: Sharon Driscoll (

Submit an idea for the Legal Aggregate faculty blog

Contact: Sharon Driscoll (

Questions on content

Contact: Sharon Driscoll (

Find faculty/staff directory and the “Who’s Who” directory

The SLS Identity and Website

Contacts for questions about website content and updates, SLS brand identity and logo usage, SLS templates, website training, etc.

Update website info about my program, center, clinic, etc.

Contact: WebTeam (

Find website tutorials
Get website training and access to WordPress so you can update your content on the website

Contact: WebTeam (

Find SLS design templates to create invitations, brochures, e-newsletters, etc.
Questions about using SLS design templates

Contact: WebTeam (

Set up a new e-newsletter

Contact: Jennifer Stroth (

Find out about the SLS identity guidelines and logo usage
Post an event on the SLS Calendar
Online Events AV file upload request form


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