OUTLAW is concerned with the situation of queer people in society, in the legal community, and at Stanford University. We serve as a social, support, and political group, and actively combat homophobia, heterosexism, and any discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity at the Law School.

OUTLAW hosts social events, advocates for and on behalf of queer faculty, and presents panels focusing on academic and professional concerns of queer students. We also cooperate with the Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (the Bay Area LGBT bar association) and coordinate activities with other Stanford student organizations, as well as with other Bay Area law school LGBT groups.

In 2011, OUTLAW compiled the following list of on campus resources of particular interest to transgender students. See below for tailored information on healthcare coverage, bathroom access, non-discrimination policies, and housing at Stanford Law School.

Healthcare Coverage:

Stanford University provides comprehensive health coverage for all its transgender students enrolled in Cardinal Care, including access to local specialists, hormone therapy and Gender Confirmation Surgery.

Bathroom Access:

Within the law school, there are single occupancy bathrooms available on every level of the Main Crown Quadrangle library building except the first floor, totaling four single occupancy bathrooms. In the new faculty building, there are five single occupancy bathrooms, at least one on every floor. A campus-wide map of gender neutral bathrooms is available here (though the law school inventory is out of date).


In 2007, Stanford University’s campus-wide non-discrimination policy was expanded to include “gender identity” as a protected characteristic. This change was a reaffirmation of Stanford’s commitment to the full inclusion of the transgender community on campus.


At Stanford, all Graduate Single Residences allow gender-neutral/gender-inclusive housing for those students that select it, including all suites in Munger.

Additional Resources:

In 2012, the Stanford trans community prepared an unofficial guide to trans life on campus. The guide, published in collaboration with the campus-wide LGBT Community Resource Center, is available here. Information on other camps-wide resources are available throughout the Community Resource Center.

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