Errors and Omissions

Book cover: Errors and Omissions


Meet Michael Seeley, a take-no-prisoners intellectual property litigator–and a man on the brink of personal and professional collapse. So when United Pictures virtually demands that he fly out to Hollywood to confirm legally that they own the rights to their corporate cash-cow franchise of Spykiller films, he has little choice but to comply. What he discovers in these gilded precincts will plunge him headfirst into the tangled politics of the blacklisting era and then into the even darker world of Nazi-occupied Poland. Drawing on historical fact and legal scholarship, this is a breathless tale of deception and intrigue.

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It’s difficult to convey the mounting excitement with which I turned the pages … The writing [is] masterful, not one wasted word … A terrific read.

Sue Grafton

“Goldstein displays the keen eye and sure hand of a gifted writer … memorable”
Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal

“Memorable [and] pleasurable…. Goldstein displays the keen eye and sure hand of a gifted writer.”
The Wall Street Journal

“Compares favorably with the best legal thrillers of the likes of John Grisham…. [Errors and Omissions] qualifies Goldstein for a high position among recent crime fiction.”
Political Affairs

“Philosophical struggles more than physical confrontations are at the heart of [Errors and Omissions] as it speaks to the intellectual property rights of artists and the history of the American film industry.”
USA Today

“A legal thriller with plenty of political overtones.”
New York Daily News

“Solid…. Full of twists and turns.”
The Free Lance-Star (Virginia)

“Top-notch entertainment…. Goldstein turns the potentially dry subject of intellectual property into a riveting thriller.”
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“Nothing is what it seems in this novel … featuring blackmail, extortion, and even a few beatings and a murder.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Fresh and lively…. A cerebral thriller that draws from historical fact and legal scholarship.”
The Oklahoman

“Exciting…. There’s something special about Seeley, a different kind of lawyer than the ones that usually appear in books like this. He’s brasher, more confident, and more willfully self-destructive.”
The Onion A.V. Club

“Spins out a fresh, sharp-witted drama about Hollywood’s blacklist…. Goldstein, who does a fine job of breaking down complicated moral, ethical and historical issues to understandable nuggets, has laid the foundation for what could be a strong franchise.”
Publishers Weekly