Professor William Gould Receives Lifetime Acheivement Award

William B. Gould IV, Charles A. Beardsley Professor of Law, Emeritus, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Center for Collaborative Solutions (CCS).  The award honors pioneer leaders and practitioners in the field of labor relations; the ceremony was held March 24 at the CCS annual labor-management conference.

Gould was recognized for his distinguished career as an arbitrator and mediator in many high-profile cases, prolific scholar, past Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, critically acclaimed author of nine books, and recipient of five honorary doctorates for his significant contributions in the fields of labor law and labor relations. In a speech given upon accepting the award he reflects, “I believed that the law could play a role in creating opportunities for all people in the world of work and I have tried as an arbitrator, a lawyer and scholar since the 60s to balance the promotion of human dignity alongside of the employers’ entrepreneurial interest in competition.”