SLS Students and Faculty Honored with Awards, Fellowships

SLS Students and Faculty Honored with Awards, Fellowships 3

During the 2022-23 academic year, Stanford Law School (SLS) faculty and students garnered an array of awards and fellowships honoring their books, articles, academic excellence, teaching, mentorship and other achievements.

Faculty Awards

Gregory Ablavsky, Professor of Law

Gregory Ablavsky

William Nelson Cromwell Foundation Book Prize and J. Willard Hurst Book Prize for his book Federal Ground: Governing Property and Violence in the First U.S. Territories

Rabia Belt 4

Rabia Belt

Stanford Faculty Women’s Forum’s Early Academic Career Award for creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for students and trainees at all levels

Michelle M. Mello

Michelle Mello

John A. Benson Jr., MD Professionalism Article Prize for her article “When Physicians Engage in Practices That Threaten the Nation’s Health”

Shirin Sinnar 1

Shirin Sinnar

Stanford Faculty Women’s Forum’s Outstanding Mentor Award for promoting and sponsoring women faculty members and/or faculty from groups historically underrepresented at Stanford University

SLS Students and Faculty Honored with Awards, Fellowships

Janet Martinez and Stephanie Smith

International Association of Conflict Management’s Outstanding Book Award for their book Dispute System Design: Preventing, Managing, and Resolving Conflict

Please see prior coverage of other awards received by SLS faculty members, including Pam Karlan’s John Hart Ely Prize in the Law of Democracy from the Election Law Section of the Association of American Law Schools, Diego Zambrano’s Civil Justice Scholarship Award for his article, Federal Expansion and the Decay of State Courts, and Greg Ablavsky’s second Hurlburt Award for teaching.

Other student awards were reported in prior coverage of the Spring Community Leadership and Public Interest Awards and coverage of SLS’s commencement ceremony

Student Awards and Scholarship

Daniel Ahrens, JD ’23

Daniels Ahrens, JD ’23

Stanford Alumni Association’s 2023 Community Impact Award for “fostering a sense of belonging and inspired enthusiasm among fellow grad students and enhancing the Stanford community through exemplary leadership of a student organization”


Janka Deli, JSD Candidate ’24

Data Science Scholarship (2020-2023), Stanford Data Science

SLS Students and Faculty Honored with Awards, Fellowships 1

Kerry Guerin, JD ’23

Association of California Water Agencies’ Water Law & Policy Scholarship for exemplary interest in water law and policy

Viking River Cruises and the Future of Workplace Regulation

Catherina Yue Xu, JD ’24

Susman Godfrey Prize for academic excellence and overall achievement

John Paul Stevens Fellowships

Four SLS students received summer fellowships for the promotion of public interest and social justice values in the next generation of American lawyers:

Jamie Halper, JD ’24

Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Western District of Texas

Madison Irene, JD ’24

Constitutional Accountability Center

Angela Liu, JD ’24

San Francisco Public Defender’s office

Shafeen Pittal, JD ’24

ACLU National Security Project

Student Paper Prizes

Gabrielle Braxton, JD '25

Stanford Law School Legal History Paper Prize: "Guess Who's Coming to Stanford: The Battle for the Desegregation of an Elite Law School"

Samuel Wallace-Perdomo, JD '23

Carl Mason Franklin Award in International Law: "Defining Ecocide: Liability Standards in International Law"

Mariah Elise Mastrodimos, JD '23

Daniel S. Goodman Prize: "Self-Imposed Agency Deadlines"

Ben Clark, JD '23

First Prize - Olaus and Adolph Murie Award for Environmental Law: "Long Energy Transitions in Power Plant Communities: Coal Ash, Community Resistance, and County Infrastructure"

Sam Buckberry Joyce, JD '23

Second Prize - Olaus and Adolph Murie Award for Environmental Law: "Climate Injunctions: The Power of Courts to Award Structural Relief Against Federal Agencies"

Lieberman Fellowship

Gerald J. Lieberman fellowships are for doctoral students in the later stages of their programs. Each year, twelve fellowships are awarded across schools, and distributed in proportion to the doctoral student population. Faculty nominate outstanding students in their first five years of graduate study for the one-year award.

Luis Bergolla, JSD Candidate

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