Stanford Law Students and Alumni Receive Postgraduate Fellowships and Community Awards

–17 Stanford Law School funded Fellowships, 7 External Fellowships, 8 Government Honors positions, and 19 Entry-Level positions

Stanford Law School (SLS) recognized 51 SLS graduates who received postgraduate fellowships, government honors positions, and offers of employment in public interest settings including civil rights, criminal justice, environmental law, and civil governmental agencies. Paid postgraduate fellowships allow law school graduates to work full time for at least a year (some organizations provide more years of funding) in a law-related endeavor designed to further the public interest. In addition, SLS students garnered community service awards for their pro bono and public service during their time at the law school.

Postgraduate Fellowships

Offered by the John and Terry Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law, the 17 SLS-funded fellowships are part of SLS’s broader efforts to support the pursuit of careers in public interest. Levin Center staff also work closely to help graduates secure externally funded fellowships, government honors positions, and other entry-level public interest positions. Along with fellowships for its graduates, SLS provides students several opportunities to learn about public interest law including a strong pro bono program, externships, mentorships, career services, speaker series and financial assistance. The Levin Center provides more than $4 million every year in direct grants to students for academic, summer, and post-graduate programs.


2022-2023 Stanford Law School Fellowships

Jody Bianchini, JD ‘22

Equip for Equality

Cam Clevidence, JD ‘21

Upper Seven Law

Bruce Easop, JD’ 22

National Center for Youth Law

Charlotte Hendren, JD ‘22

Lawyers for Civil Rights

Chris Meyer, JD ‘22

Natural Resources Defense Council

Lili Nimlo JD ‘22

Arizona Justice Project

Meghan Palmer, JD ‘20

MacArthur Justice Center

Jake Seidman, JD ‘22

Public Rights Project

Frances Tinney, JD ‘22

Center for Biological Diversity

Stanford Law School Deane F. Johnson Fellowship

Taylor Chambers, JD '22

National Center for Youth Law

Chris Middleton, JD ‘21

Youth Law Center

Stanford Law School International Fellowships

Molly Norburg, JD '22

Clooney Foundation for Justice

Sherah Tan, JSM '22

Human Trafficking Legal Center

Stanford Law School Civitas Fellowship

Bailey Colfax, JD '22

California Appellate Project

Courtney Colwell, JD '22

New York Civil Liberties Union

Stanford Law School Criminal Defense Fellowship

Rico Altman-Merino, JD ‘22

Appellate Advocates

International Court of Justice University Traineeship Fellowship

Claire Duval, LLM ‘22

International Court of Justice

External Funded Fellowships

Jon Contreras, JD ‘22

ACLU of Southern California (2022 Equal Justice Works Fellowship)

Alero Egbe, JD’ 22

Public Counsel (Sullivan & Cromwell Fellowship)

Ryan Gallagher, JD ‘21

Shute Mihaly & Weinberger (SMW Fellowship)

Philip Issa, JD ‘22

Legal Aid Service of Broward County (Immigrant Justice Corps Fellowship)

Celina Malavé, JD ‘22

Goldstein Borgen Dardarian & Ho (GBDH Fellowship)

Diana Sánchez, JD ’20

Immigrant Defenders Law Center (Skadden Fellowship)

Sophia Villarreal, JD ‘20

Neufeld Scheck and Brustin (Cochrane Fellowship)

Government Honors Positions

Hannah Begley, JD ’20

Santa Clara County Counsel’s Office (Social Justice and Impact Litigation Fellowship)

Isabelle Dietz, JD ’22

U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division (U.S. DOJ Honors)

Sidni Frederick, JD ‘22

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Office of Administrative Law Judges (FERC Honors Program)

Sam Henick, JD ‘22

U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division (U.S. DOJ Honors)

Will Setrakian, JD ‘20

California Attorney General’s Office, Civil Division (CA AG Honors Program)

Connie Wang, JD ‘20

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Solicitor General (Bristow Fellowship)

Isaac Weitzhandler, JD ‘21

U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division (U.S. DOJ Honors)

Caroline Zhang, JD ‘22

IRS Office of the General Counsel (IRS Honors Program)

External Public Interest Positions

Isabella Castrodale, JD ‘22

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Administrative Law Judges

Chelsey Davidson, JD ‘22

Take Back the Court

Nick DeFiesta, JD ‘19

Santa Clara County Counsel’s Office

Anita Desai, JD ‘22

Bay Area Legal Aid

Ben Hattem, JD ’20

Rosen Bien & Galvan

Bonnie Henry, JD ’21

Katz, Marshall and Banks

Jeremy Hutton, JD ’21

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Derin McLeod, JD ’20

Altshuler Berzon

Chris Moxley, JD ‘22

U.S. State Department, Office of the Legal Adviser

Mikaela Pyatt, JD ’22

Cohen Milstein

Jules Ross, JD ‘22

Lieff Cabraser

Ada Statler, JD ’22


Andrew Toney-Noland, JD’22

McKanna Bishop Joffe LLP

External Public Defender Positions

Holt Alden, JD ‘20

Federal Defenders, Central District of California

Sandra Allen Kang, JD ‘22

Alameda County, Public Defender’s Office

Brooke Edwards, JD ‘22

Bronx Defenders

Eva Fourakis, JD ‘22

New Hampshire Public Defender

Daniela Muehleisen, JD ‘22

Federal Defenders of San Diego

Lisa Muloma, JD ‘21

Federal Defenders of San Diego

Leon M. Cain Community Leadership Award

Named in honor of Leon Cain, a third-year SLS student who died in the summer of 2018, the Leon M. Cain Community Leadership Award was initially created in 2018 as the Community Leadership Award but was renamed in recognition of Leon’s leadership and impact on the SLS community. The award, voted on by the student body, was presented to a student in each class who strengthened the law school community through their leadership, support and care.

Alisa Hoban, JD '24

Briana Roberson, JD '23

Dylan Simmons, JD ‘22

Stephanie Rizka, LLM '22

Lisa M. Schnitzer Memorial Scholarship

The Lisa M. Schnitzer Memorial Scholarship was established by the family and friends of Lisa M. Schnitzer, a first-year student at Stanford Law School who was killed in a car accident in 1987. The scholarship recognizes a public interest student completing the first year in law school who will spend 1L summer working for a public interest/public sector employer, a charitable organization, or another nonprofit organization working in the public interest. It was designed to be a lasting tribute to Lisa, in recognition of her deeply held commitment to helping others, particularly those less fortunate. The recipient of this award is selected by a committee comprised of law students who represent Women of Stanford Law, Stanford Public Interest Law Foundation and the Stanford Law Association.

Jamie Halper, JD '24

Deborah L. Rhode Public Interest Award

The Deborah L. Rhode Public Interest Award recognizes graduating students whose activities have resulted in outstanding contributions to underrepresented groups or public interest causes outside of Stanford Law School and/or outstanding public service within the law school. The award selection committee—comprised entirely of alumni who are past Rhode Award winners—chose three recipients who were nominated by faculty, staff and fellow students.

Anita Desai, JD '22

Daniela Muehleisen, JD '22

Haas Center for Public Service Awards 2022/Kennedy-Diamond Award for Excellence in Community-Engaged Learning and Research

Sophie Allen, JD ‘22

Susman Godfrey Prize

Jeffrey Xia, JD ‘22