“Stanford Legal” to Launch on SiriusXM

Exclusive show to take on, decipher America’s toughest legal issues of the day

Co-hosted by Stanford Law Professor and leading legal scholar Pamela Karlan and Stanford Law and Business Professor Joseph Bankman, ‘Stanford Legal’ to launch December 9

Stanford Law School announced today the launch of Stanford Legal, a new bi-weekly show that will get to the core of some of the legal issues making headlines today.  Stanford Legal, part of SiriusXM’s programming arrangement with Stanford University, will premiere on SiriusXM Insight channel 121 starting Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 10:00 am ET.

Co-hosted by Stanford Law Professors Pam Karlan and Joe Bankman, the series will feature engaging conversations with attorneys, legal scholars, and leading experts on the news-making topics of the day including the commercialization of marijuana, the power of prosecutors, President Trump’s travel ban, and more.

“Sometimes, legal issues can seem complex.  Our job on Stanford Legal is to help our listeners make sense of what the law is, why it’s that way, and what changes we should hope for…or fear.  It’s a great opportunity for SiriusXM listeners to hear from our amazing colleagues, each of them an expert in an important field,” said Pam Karlan.

“Demonstrating how law touches every aspect of our lives and sharing that understanding with a broader audience is exciting.  We are thrilled to participate in this endeavor,” said M. Elizabeth Magill, Dean of Stanford Law School.

“Stanford Legal” to Launch on SiriusXM
Professors Pam Karlan and Joe Bankman host the Sirius Radio show Stanford Legal. Photo: Linda A. Cicero – Stanford News

One of the nation’s leading experts on voting and the political process, Stanford Legal’s Pam Karlan is often called upon by policy makers and popular media alike to break down the tough legal issues of the day. Also a leading constitutional scholar and award winning teacher who has argued seven cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, Karlan co-founded Stanford’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic in 2004, the first of its kind at any law school. Since its launch, the clinic has compiled a record that would be the envy of any law firm, representing parties in more than 60 merits cases before the Court.

Co-host Joe Bankman is a clinical psychologist as well as a lawyer who researches topics such as the consumption tax and the role of tax in the structure of Silicon Valley start-ups. A tax law expert, he has gained wide attention for his work on how government might control the use of tax shelters and has testified before Congress and other legislative bodies on tax compliance problems posed by the cash economy. He has written and spoken extensively on how we might use technology to simplify tax filing.

SiriusXM’s Stanford Radio also airs The Future of Everything, School’s In and Stanford Pathfinders. After airing, future episodes will be available via the Stanford Radio website, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

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