Climate Data Policy Initiative (CDPI)

The Climate Data Policy Initiative (CDPI) brings together climate experts, policy makers and technologists and fosters key institutional partnerships for dialogue, research and analysis to inform the development of new climate data policies that can catalyze innovation and action, unlock climate finance and accelerate scale.  

There is tremendous momentum for new and aligned climate data policies at the national and international levels taking place as the focus on climate continues to grow.  Climate data – including GHG emissions, water, natural resources, and waste data – provides the foundation for smart policies that can ensure a sustainable future for the estimated 11 billion people that will inhabit the planet by the end of the 21st century.  

The CodeX CDPI project has the opportunity to help inform the evolving international climate data policies and technology applications that will drive global public and private sector decarbonization. Areas of focus include: data accounting standards, harmonization and interoperability, frameworks and reporting, compliance markets, climate finance and monetization as well as equity and social justice.  The initiative also includes a special focus on how next-gen technologies like blockchain, IoT and AI can drive climate impact. 

The project is led by Chair Catherine Atkin (CodeX Fellow) and is supported by CDPI Contributors (see bios below).

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