Charitopia is Web site that matches donors of equipment and supplies with charities able to use or resell those items. It can be thought of an an “eBay for charities.” Donors can list available items and/or search for items needed by charities. Charities can list their needs and/or search for items available from willing donors.

In addition to helping donors and charities find each other, Charitopia records all donations made through the system and provides the parties involved with relevant bookkeeping services. It provides donors with estimates of the tax deductions they can claim each year. For charities, it provides donation records for accounting purposes.

The key to Charitopia’s operation is its high-quality product catalog. Products are accurately classified, with attributes based on this classification and well-defined values for these attributes. This catalog allows donors and charities to identify equipment and supplies easily and precisely. It also enables the system to provide donors and charities with accurate estimates of value for tax purposes.

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