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Mark A. Lemley


  • Antitrust Law
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  • Copyright Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property & Antitrust
  • Internet & Cyberlaw
  • Law & Economics
  • Patent Law
  • Property Law
  • Technology & the Law
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  • Trademarks

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My article with Deven Desai on how law and regulation react when scarce resources become abundant is published at long last in Frontiers. ...

I'm very excited to be joining my colleagues at Lex Lumina next week

My 200th academic article is now online. This one, with Paul R. Gugliuzza​, is an empirical study of how the Federal Circuit fares at the Supreme Court -- with some surprising conclusions

Myths and Reality of Patent Law at the Supreme Court @SSRN ...

I'm officially done with Twitter. I won't delete my account, hoping against hope the company can somehow shake MusQ, but I will not be participating.

Join me on Mastodon.


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