The Value of Blockchain and Its Impact on Business Models, Law, and Society

Blockchain technology, which underpins all cryptocurrencies, has great potential beyond just a medium of exchange and storage of value. Numerous emerging business models, including token economies, P2P, micro values, new asset creation, blockchain-based software and blockchain as a service (BaaS), and numerous others, are using blockchain technology in innovative ways that raise important ethical, legal and societal issues.

Olga V. Mack’s project focuses on emerging blockchain business models and their implications on commerce, society, and laws.  As these business models develop, important questions are raised that need careful analysis with pragmatic solutions.  Olga will interview CEOs, founders, and executives in 7-10 industries that will be affected by blockchain’s imminent arrival, and using real-life examples, she will share blockchain’s unique value propositions and develop a set of best practices for dealing with blockchain’s arrival in key industries.

Project leader: Olga Mack