An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage


Publish Date:
August 6, 2011
Publication Title:
Wall Street Journal, August 6/7, 2011, p. C3
Op-Ed or Opinion Piece
  • Ralph Richard Banks, An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage, Wall Street Journal, August 6/7, 2011, p. C3.


“At this point in my life,” says Audrey, age 39, “I thought I’d be married with children.” A native of southeast Washington, D.C., and the child of parents who are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary, Audrey seems like the proverbial “good catch”—smart, funny, well-educated, attractive.

Audrey earns a good living, too, with an income from management consulting that far surpasses what her parents ever made. Her social life is busy as well, filled with family, friends and church.

What Audrey lacks is a husband. As she told me, sitting at a restaurant in the fashionable Dupont Circle neighborhood of the nation’s capital, “I’m trying to get to a point where I accept that marriage may never happen for me.”