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Ralph Richard Banks

Ralph Richard Richard Banks
Ralph Richard Banks
  • Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law
  • Faculty Director, Stanford Center for Racial Justice
  • Room N331, Neukom Building


  • Children & the Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Distributive Justice
  • Equal Protection
  • Family Law
  • Inequality
  • Race & the Criminal Justice System

Faculty on Point | Prof. Ralph Richard Banks on Racial Justice Beyond Constitutional Law

Policy Practicums


Ralph Richard Banks 1

Is Marriage for White People?

During the past half century, marriage has declined throughout American society. Among those who do marry, the wife is more likely than ever to outearn or be better educated than her husband. Why have these changes occurred? How have they shaped intimate relationships?

Is Marriage for White People? answers these questions through an exploration of the lives of the black middle class.

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