Patent Perfect


  • April Yu
Publish Date:
October 26, 2015
CODEX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
Place of Publication:
Stanford University
  • Jessica Hudak and April Yu, Patent Perfect, Stanford University: CODEX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, October 26, 2015.
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Patent Perfect is a patent portfolio management platform that will transform the portfolio management experience for large enterprises and, for the first time ever, will bring automated technology solutions to small enterprise and solo inventor patent portfolio managers. Patent Perfect is a delightfully intuitive portfolio management system that automatically presents accurate and prioritized information to patent portfolio managers.

Patent Perfect will allow patent owners to visualize and manage their portfolios more effectively and efficiently—replacing email, excel, or clunky software with a clean, clear way to organize and optimize portfolios. Furthermore, Patent Perfect future features will bring about significantly decreased costs by automating much of the patent prosecution process.
The current features of Patent Perfect, described in more detail below, include (1) a prioritized list of required patent prosecution actions–which is automatically updated and verified using our proprietary algorithms and custom rule sets–and (2) proprietary deadline time-lines and prosecution history time-lines that appear on each page and are updated to reflect the relevant information from that page. As described in more detail below, Patent Perfect is automatically driven by vast amounts of data.