SLS faculty and students share a commitment to scholarship that catalyzes positive change.

With impact in everything from constitutional law and privacy rights to campaign finance reform and the environment, members of the SLS community shape law and policy through leading-edge research. Students find many opportunities to participate in the work of groundbreaking faculty scholars — or to pursue research interests of their own. Together, faculty and students advance historical inquiries that upend conventional wisdom. They pioneer new frontiers at the intersection of law and many other disciplines. They push legal boundaries and influence policymakers and leaders, in the United States and internationally.

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SLS is a laboratory of ideas—fueled by the faculty’s dedication and commitment to teaching and the students’ unwavering dedication to improving law and policy.

Daniel E. Ho, William Benjamin Scott and Luna M. Scott Professor of Law & Robert E. Paradise Faculty Fellow for Excellence in Teaching and Research

When I was a student, universities were thought of as retreats for reflection, the ivory tower. Now, I think of them as evolving toward a model in which the university is a hub—none more so than Stanford—a connection between scholarly endeavor and certain aspects of the outside world.

A. Douglas Melamed, Herman Phleger Visiting Professor of Law
Stanford Lawyer Magazine, Issue 91

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Hubs of Research, Source of Solutions

More than 25 programs, centers and special projects engage SLS faculty, students, and visiting experts and leaders in research and problem-solving focused on some of the greatest challenges of our time. Constitutional law and criminal justice, human rights and conflict resolution, international law and the environment, technology and economics, public interest law and the ethics of the legal profession — these are just a few timely topics under investigation and discussion on the SLS campus. Ideas and innovations generated here are shared and applied broadly, catalyzing change on a global scale.