Stanford Law and Technology Association (SLATA)

SLATA brings together students who share an interest in technology law—how the law promotes technological innovation, limits technological abuse, and responds to technological change—and the application of technology to the study and practice of law. Stanford’s unique combination of resources—its superior law, business, science, and engineering schools, as well as its location in the heart of Silicon Valley—make SLATA an ideal forum for academic study and debate of emerging critical issues involving law and technology. Current fields of student and faculty interest include law and cyberspace, law and biotechnology, intellectual property and science, health and technology policy.

SLATA regularly sponsors speakers, panels and round-table discussions on high technology and the law, with representation from Silicon Valley law firms specializing in hi-tech, in-house counsel at technology firms, faculty members and students. SLATA has initiated a mentoring program for 1Ls with members of the Bay Area legal community interested in technology law.

SLATA also keeps law students apprised of technology-related talks and events taking place on other parts of the campus and regularly offers suggestions for improvement to the Law School’s technology standards and infrastructure.

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