SLLSA Events

SLLSA builds and fortifies its community through a variety of programming throughout the year. For example, in 2013, we co-hosted a symposium on immigration reform, featuring panel discussions from leaders in the field and a keynote address by Jose Antonio Vargas. We host lunch talks concerning pertinent Latino issues, summer job advice sessions, and exam preparation workshops. We organize numerous social and community development events, from tailgates to study breaks. Our annual fall retreat serves as an introduction for the new students to SLLSA and community building for all of our members. We also throw an annual Cinco de Mayo celebration—one of SLS’s largest and longest-running annual celebrations of cultural heritage—for the entire law school and surrounding Stanford community.

A sampling of the types of events we host:


  1. Exam prep sessions
  2. Outlining advice
  3. Course reviews

Professional Development:

  1. Interviewing workshops
  2. OCI advice
  3. Alumni database


  1. Symposia on Latino issues
  2. Discussions w/ Latino leaders
  3. Spring Quarter celebration of Latino culture


  1. Community retreat
  2. BBQ w/ Latino Faculty
  3. 1L Study Breaks