Where’s SLS?

125 Years of Stanford Law on the Stanford University Campus

In 125 years, Stanford Law has inhabited several locations, moving as the law school community has grown in numbers and in excellence. It all began humbly enough, in 1894, with the fledgling Law Department setting up its first office and library in a bedroom of the men’s dormitory, Encina Hall. Then came the first move up, to the Inner Main Quad. This location, in the heart of Stanford academics at the time, served SLS for 49 years. In 1950, its population growing after World War II, SLS moved to remodeled quarters on the Outer Quad.

Nineteen-seventy-five saw the birth of a more modern Stanford Law, with a move to newly constructed Crown Quadrangle. President Gerald Ford was on hand for the inauguration. Enhanced in 2010 with the addition of the Neukom Building, Stanford Law’s presence continues to evolve. Complemented by the Munger Graduate Residence, home to law and other graduate students, the law school’s campus supports an interdisciplinary living and learning experience. With many Stanford schools and departments just a short walk from the law school and SLS aligned with the university’s quarter system, academic disciplines mix freely on a daily basis. Law students freely take classes across campus and non-law students have easy access to law school courses.