Stanford Animal & Food Law Society

The Stanford Animal and Food Law Society (Food Soc) aims to advance the interests of animals by providing a space for student education, scholarship, and advocacy in the fields of animal and food law. Food Soc hopes to inform the law school and surrounding communities about forms of institutionalized animal abuse and food injustice and the systems that enable them. Through collaboration with the greater Stanford community, Food Soc strives to motivate reflection and action in the name of animal liberation and food justice.

Food Soc promotes the study of and engagement with food law and policy and works at the forefront of this nascent field to connect students with opportunities to learn from practitioners, professors, and policymakers tackling local, national, and global issues of food law and policy. Through such work, Food Soc advocates for building a food system that is sustainable and just.

Food law impacts all sorts of social justice issues: migrant workers, zoological diseases, nutrition, poverty (food stamps), animal welfare, antibiotic resistance, climate change, and innovation.