Stanford Center for Law and History

The Stanford Center for Law and History (SCLH) brings together faculty, postdocs, and students from across Stanford University’s many schools and departments—and beyond—to participate in a broad range of conferences, workshops, and lectures devoted to examining the multifaceted interrelationships between law and history (without geographic, temporal, or other subject-area limitations).

SCLH seeks to:

  • Serve as an intellectual hub for law and history at Stanford, facilitating sustained dialogue and engagement among the many on campus who work at the intersection of the two fields.
  • Promote a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of law and history.
  • Advance the law and history research (and teaching) interests of Stanford’s diverse constituents, including not only faculty, but also students at all levels.
  • Serve as a bridge between Stanford’s law and history community and those with shared interests based elsewhere in the Bay Area and around the globe.
Illustration of burning of witches, 1555.

Burning of witches, 1555.

Victorian woman on trial - Illustration

Victorian woman on trial.

Execution at Yokohama, Japan - Illustration

Execution at Yokohama, Japan.

Historic Bulahdelah Court House

Bulahdelah Courthouse, built in 1888, New South Wales, Australia.

History 6

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