Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation (SJCL – On Hiatus)

This journal is currently on hiatus.

The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation (SJCL) was founded in 2012 and is the only law journal in the country focusing exclusively on complex litigation. SJCL is a semiannual scholarly periodical containing material written by law professors, judges, practicing lawyers, and law students.

The journal publishes articles and essays that are timely and make a significant, original contribution to the field. SJCL publishes scholarship on a range of topics including the rules of civil procedure, aggregate litigation, mass torts, jurisdictional disputes, complex litigation reform, and transnational litigation. Published articles not only address issues pertinent to complex litigation practice, but also comment on theoretical aspects of the law.

While SJCL is compiled and edited entirely by Stanford Law School students, each article published by SJCL has been peer reviewed by a law professor with expertise in the field of complex litigation or civil procedure. SJCL is proud to employ a “light edit” policy. The journal believes that an author’s argument and voice are important, and therefore SJCL’s edits are limited to compliance with the Bluebook and to ensure readability. Light editing facilitates faster publication, and as a result SJCL has a faster offer-to-publication timeframe than other journals.

Membership in SJCL provides students with interests in complex litigation or civil procedure the opportunity to work with noted scholars in their fields of interest and develop editing skills. As a new journal, SJCL also affords unparalleled opportunities for leadership within a journal.