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Stanford Law & Policy Review (SLPR) is one of the most prominent policy journals in the nation and informs public discourse by publishing articles that analyze the intersection of our legal system with local, state, and federal policy. SLPR is ideologically neutral and solicits articles from authors who represent a diversity of political viewpoints.

Founded in 1989 by Stanford Law School students, SLPR has long been a forum not only for academics but also for high-profile policymakers to publish articles on hot-button issues. Past contributors include Bill Clinton, Joseph Biden, John McCain, Charles Schumer, Charles Rangel, James Baker, Russ Feingold, and Jeb Bush. SLPR has been cited multiple times by the U.S. Supreme Court and over fifty times by other federal courts. It is published widely and available at all major law schools and policy thinktanks.

Current Issue: Volume 28, Issue 2

2017-2018 Leadership

Ashwin Aravind
Paige Whidbee

Executive Editor:
Brian Shiue

Managing Editors:
Jane Kessner
Kyle Grigel

Online Editor:
Rebecca Mears

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Sophia Carrillo

Lead Symposium Editor:
Kathryn Brennan

Lead Notes Editor:
Rebecca Pottash

Development Editors:
Gracie Chang
Eunice Kim


SLPR’s office is located in room 79G of the Stanford Law School building.

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