Stanford Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Association (PLA)

The SLS Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Association (PLA) endeavors to build a community of SLS students and alumni dedicated to working on behalf of plaintiffs across an array of practice areas, and showing students that there are more options in their legal career than just big law or nonprofits.

To accomplish this goal, SLS PLA will:

  1. Conduct on-campus programming to support student interest in the world of plaintiffs’ lawyering.
  2. Host prominent practitioners from diverse practice areas and backgrounds to engage with students and answer questions about their practice.
  3. Hold events where SLS faculty can advise students on courses of study, clerkships, and broader developments in the field.
  4. Organize student panels and mixers on various topics, including summer experiences, future plans, and recommendations for success.
  5. Build an active and robust alumni network of SLS plaintiffs’ lawyers, so that SLS students and alumni in the field can build and sustain invaluable connections throughout their professional practice.
  6. Partner with the Office of Career Services and the Levin Center to increase institutional support for students interested in pursuing plaintiffs’-side work.

Ultimately, students interested in plaintiffs’ law will be able to turn to SLS PLA first for any resource related to the profession—information, community support, and guidance, etc.—throughout their time at SLS and beyond!

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