In Print: I Am Sophia: A Novel

In Print: Jim F. Alexander, JD ’08

I Am Sophia: A Novel
Resource Publications, 2021

Summary: When a mysterious and charismatic woman insinuates herself into a fringe religious group, its dozen members wonder whether she is a lunatic, a con artist, or a messiah. Sophia quickly upends the routines and expectations of the group—the last Christians in the inhabited solar system—while Peter, their struggling leader, becomes increasingly obsessed with her. Before long, Peter finds himself following Sophia on a perilous interplanetary adventure that may cost both of them their lives.

Praise: “Beautiful, poignant, and theologically insightful, I Am Sophia grapples with the Christian church’s sins and shortcomings and points toward possibilities for its future. As with important literature in all faith traditions, it uncovers eternal truths by engaging with real life in all its grittiness.” —Mary Gray-Reeves, bishop in The Episcopal Church and managing director of The College for Bishops