Stanford Legal on SiriusXM

Stanford Legal, a new bi-weekly show will get to the core of some of the legal issues making headlines today.

Co-hosted by Stanford Law Professors Pam Karlan and Joe Bankman, the series will feature engaging conversations with attorneys, legal scholars, and leading experts on the news-making topics of the day including the commercialization of marijuana, the power of prosecutors, President Trump’s travel ban, and more.

“Sometimes, legal issues can seem complex.  Our job on Stanford Legal is to help our listeners make sense of what the law is, why it’s that way, and what changes we should hope for…or fear.  It’s a great opportunity for SiriusXM listeners to hear from our amazing colleagues, each of them an expert in an important field,” said Pam Karlan.

“Demonstrating how law touches every aspect of our lives and sharing that understanding with a broader audience is exciting.  We are thrilled to participate in this endeavor,” said Dean M. Elizabeth Magill.