Women of Stanford Law (WSL)

The Women of Stanford Law (WSL) is an organization run for and by women at Stanford Law School. It supports female students in their academic, professional and personal capacities by — among other things — matching them with mentors, hosting speakers on a wide variety of topics and organizing community outreach efforts.

All individuals at Stanford Law School are welcome to participate in WSL activities and programs. Should you have any questions about the organization or wish to become involved, please contact us at the email addresses provided to the right.

Brief overviews of WSL’s various committees are provided below.

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee organizes panels and events on academic topics of particular relevance to WSL members. The Committee also lobbies the administration to prioritize classes of interest and to hire professors who focus on these subjects. Specific events organized by the Academic Committee include a dinner series with Stanford Law professors and a dinner with female members of the Stanford Law Review.

Community Service Committee

The Community Service and Social Justice Committee organizes various volunteer activities, donation-based efforts and social justice programming throughout the year. These events include, most prominently, our annual gift drive for CORA, the only agency in San Mateo County with the sole purpose of serving victims of domestic violence.

Professional Development Committee

The Development Committee organizes activities and provides resources to help women develop their professional skills. The Committee works closely with OCS to monitor upcoming events of interest to WSL members, while suggesting and co-sponsoring many other events, including a lunchtime seminar on negotiations strategies.

Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee pairs incoming 1Ls with upperclass women according to their interests and preferences. The Mentoring Committee hosts a welcome dinner in the fall and dessert hours in the winter and spring for all mentors and mentees.

2017-18 Board Members

Katherine Carey
Meghan Koushik

Administrative/Finance Chair:
Ale Lynberg

Academic Co-Chair:
Nicole Welindt
Michelle Cho


Mentorship Co-Chairs:
Caroline Cohn
Julia Ishiyama

Alumni/Professional Development Chairs:
Stevie DeGroff
Julia Greenberg

Community Service Chair:
Sarah Mahmood