Environmental Law Clinic Takes New Approach in Opposition to Water Pollution

Students, faculty and staff of the Environmental Law Clinic are representing the Monterey Coastkeeper in a suit against the Monterey County Water Resources Agency with claims that the agency is unlawfully discharging polluted irrigation water into the Salinas River and Elkhorn Slough in violation of public health standards, posing a threat to the health safety of humans, fish and wildlife. The suit is the first of its kind against a county agency in efforts to uphold state water standards.  Details of the action are included in an article recently published in the Monterey County Herald. This case provides clinic students an opportunity to be involved in what could be precedent-setting litigation seeking to hold a county agency accountable for compliance with state water quality laws.

More information on the work of the Environmental Law Clinic can be found in the recent edition of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law and Policy Program newsletter.