Clinic Students Appeal Three Strikes Case

Stanford Three Strikes Project students, under the supervision of director, Mike Romano, are working on an appeal on behalf of their client, Shane Taylor, at the request of the county judge and prosecuting attorney responsible for sending Taylor to prison nearly 15 years ago under the Three Strikes law.

In 1996, Judge Howard Broadman sentenced Taylor to 25-years-to-life for possession of $10 worth of methamphetamine, his third offense.  His prior crimes were for attempted burglary and forging a check to buy a pizza.  Over the years, Broadman has come to believe that he made the wrong decision to sentence Taylor under the Three Strikes law considering the nature of his offenses. Broadman and the prosecuting attorney are joined in their support of a reduced prison sentence by the public defender at trial, who admits that he failed to prepare a sufficient defense on Taylor’s behalf.

For details, see the write up published over the weekend in The Washington Post, quoting 3L clinic student, Susannah Karlsson and clinic director, Mike Romano.

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