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Legaltech 18 (part of ALM’s Legalweek) was held at the New York Hilton Midtown as usual, and the CodeX Pavilion was part of the Exhibit Hall from January 30 to February 1.

Soooooooo — here’s my confession: I took pictures of the CodeX teams with my iPhone, but when I was picking the pictures to show you, I couldn’t see some of the names. Sooooooo — the joy of blogs is that we can turn to the community. If you know the name of a person who has not been identified, please email me (mbay@codex.stanford.edu) and I’ll add it! Yeah!!!  (Caveat: This post doesn’t show well a phone, it’s better to read it on a computer.)

Latest update: 2-8-18: Thanks & keep it coming!

The scheduled participants were:

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Patent Research Foundation
Tom McCormick, Vice President of Design, and Kenneth Younge, CEO, and an Affiliated  Faculty Member with CodeX.

From left: Myles Van Leuven, Board Adviser and Bernadette Bulacan, Vice President of Business Development. Below: Younge. Also at the show: Jeff Kuhn, Chief Strategy Office.

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Said Younge: “The Patent Research Foundation team had valuable conversations with a wide range of professionals handling patents for clients and organizations at the CodeX Pavilion. We discussed patent prosecution and prior art search; freedom to operate; how to value a patent; and many other topics. While the conversations were diverse, everyone shared the same observation: there needs to be a better and more streamlined approach to patent strategy. PRF will be leading the discussion on new analytical tools for the patent space.”


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Legal Things
Rick Schmitz (left in the picture.)

“The CodeX Pavilion was a great opportunity for us to meet high profile clients and partner up with some great legal tech companies,” said Schmitz.

“My personal favorite was our meeting with Oliver Goodenough and Mark Flood to discuss and show our latest application called Live Contracts to model agreements as finite state machines. The concept for Live Contracts is derived from their 2015 research paper “Contract as Automate.” It shows again the added value of collaborations between computer engineering and law.” Read more here.


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Legal Technology Education Consortium

Jeannettee Eicks (on the left of the picture). Standing next to her is Lori Campbell, program assistant for the Center for Legal Innovation. Front: Chloe Castro, Vermont Law School student.



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Text A Lawyer
Kevin Gillespie

“Text A Lawyer is an idea I’ve kept close my chest for a long time. Now that I have the apps ready for launch, it was time to open up to the world and launch. Therefore the Codex Startup Alley at Legalweek NYC 2018 was a wonderful opportunity for me to open my idea to the public. I first attended the NYC Legalweek show in 2015 as a 2L Vermont Law student. To come again, this time as an exhibitor, was truly something.”

“A number of interesting people stopped by my booth, some with interesting proposals and others with points of view I hadn’t considered. However, I came here seeking investment to launch my completed mobile/tablet apps. Long story short, I connected with investors. I hope to return next year as a launched and successful e-lawyer business. Much thanks!”


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Skopos Labs
John Nay and (pictured) Oliver Goodenough.

Said Goodenough: “This past week saw the 2018 Legaltech Show, now part of ALM’s broader LegalWeek program. The show is still the principal gathering point for the legal technology sector, although the population of that sector is changing.”

“This year, adding to the expected mix of search, practice management and e-discovery, there were a number of entries promoting the application of artificial intelligence — “AI” – to a number of different law-related tasks. Contract analysis, legislative prediction and knowledge management were just some of the areas where a variety of machine learning approaches are being applied. The established companies and a lot of upstarts are in a scramble to stake out claims to these emerging business opportunities. Expect even more in the coming year!

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Class Action
Reuben Metcalfe.

Photo: Megan Templeton





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Time by Ping
Ryan Alshak is the CEO: “Our experience with the CodeX Pavillion couldn’t have been better. It was phenomenal being associated with CodeX’s brand, which is synonymous with being cutting-edge and innovative.”

“As a startup, to be able to have a presence at Legalweek without overindexing our resources is a tremendous opportunity. I am truly grateful for CodeX’s generosity and hope to pay it forward in the very near future.”

Photo: Kourosh Zamanizadeh, COO of Time by Ping.

(See here for links to the people and startups.)

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Cover: From Oliver Goodenough’s phone.
Younge: From CodeX.
Other photos by Monica Bay.

Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX and a freelance journalist. She is a member of the California bar. Twitter: @MonicaBay. Email: mbay@codex.stanford.edu.