Cost of Attendance

Student Expense Budget 2024-2025

Federal and private loan eligibility is based on the following standard single student budgets.

Single On-Campus Single Off Campus
Tuition $74,475 $74,475
Housing 20,976 20,445
Food 7,215 7,215
Personal Expenses 8,655 8,655
Books and Supplies 1,530 1,530
Student Services Fee 1,350 1,350
Health Services Fee 783 783
Local Transportation 1,830 3,945
Medical Insurance (waivable)* * *
TOTAL $116,814 $118,398

Single student budgets are used for determining federal aid eligibility, regardless of marital status. Allowances are made against income and resources to compensate for cost differences for married students, married students with children, and single parents.

An incremental living allowance is added to the first-year student loan budget to cover expenses for the earlier quarter start date:

1L on-campus Living Allowance adjustment: $3,696
1L off-campus Living Allowance adjustment: $3,642

Childcare costs are not included in any of the budgets listed above. However, childcare costs may be added in full to the loan budget.

All health insurance rates are for single students only. For married couples, we assume the spouse will have coverage from an employer. Family coverage rates are available and adjustments can be made to the loan budget with documentation. The University’s health insurance can be waived if you have an alternate insurance plan that has comparable benefits. Please note that insurance rates are billed over three quarters but include coverage during summer.

*The University’s health insurance plan – Cardinal Care – is available should you need it. Many of our students are eligible to remain on parental health plans and will waive Cardinal Care. If you wish to use the insurance, the cost is $7,620 for a full year.

Laptop Computers

Students are required to have laptop computers and are advised to have a printer and modem, as well. In addition to using the laptop to write papers and create spreadsheets, students will have the opportunity to take examinations on laptops and will receive administrative notices only via electronic mail. Students may purchase a laptop from the Stanford Bookstore through a special program with the law school. Students who must purchase a laptop to meet this requirement are eligible to have their financial aid budgets increased by as much as $3,300. Only specific computers meet the needs of the law school’s computing systems.