Joint Degree Financial Support

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition and financial aid arrangements for joint degrees fall in three categories.

JD/MA or JD/MS in which the nonlaw degree can be completed in one year:

You enroll through Stanford Law and pay tuition to the law school at the law school rate. You may also apply for financial aid through the law school.


During your first year in the program, you attend Stanford Law full time, pay law school tuition and apply for financial aid through the law school. During your second year, you attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business full time, pay business school tuition and apply for financial aid through the business school. During your third and fourth years, you take courses through both law and business schools, pay a specific JD/MBA tuition and may receive financial aid through both schools.


For three of your four years in this program, you enroll in Stanford Law and pay law school tuition. For your fourth year you enroll in the School of Humanities and Sciences and pay tuition to that school. You may apply for financial aid and loans through the law school during all four years.


Students who pursue a JD/PhD dedicate one year to their JD and the rest of their time in the program to pursuing their PhD while finishing the requirements for a JD. During the year you’re enrolled in Stanford Law you may apply for financial aid through the law school. While you’re completing requirements for your PhD, you will receive fellowship support—negotiated when you are admitted—through your PhD department. Please note that fellowship support may require you to work (e.g., as a teaching assistant) or contribute some funds to your education, but typically should cover all cost associated with both degrees until you complete them or for five additional years.