CodeX Fellowship/FAQs

I’m interested in CodeX Fellowships – can you tell me more?

There are non-residential (non-paid) and residential (paid) CodeX fellowships:

a. We currently are not soliciting candidates for the CodeX non-residential fellowship.

b. The residential fellowship posts in the fall for the following academic year; it’s considered a full-time position. All applications must be submitted as directed in the job posting.

Please see the job posting for further information; to learn more about CodeX and its work, please visit Please do not send us your resume, project, and/or other qualifications for feedback prior to applying. We encourage all applicants who are interested and believe they are qualified to apply as directed in the job posting.

Please note: as the CodeX fellowship is envisioned as a post-degree opportunity, neither the non-residential nor the residential fellowship is well suited for current/full-time students.

Does CodeX offer postdoc opportunities, or paid intern or summer research opportunities?


How do I “join” or get more involved with CodeX?

Most CodeX events are free, open to the public, and available for participation on ground or remotely; we also make recordings available of many of our CodeX events and meetings, and there is a wealth of information on

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