Roland Vogl

  • Executive Director of CodeX - the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
  • Executive Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology

Susan Salkind

  • Assistant Director, Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology and CodeX - The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
  • CodeX Fellow


Affiliated Faculty

Daniel Katz

  • CodeX Affiliated Faculty
  • Professor of Law, Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College
  • Director, The Law Lab, Illinois Tech

Houman Shadab

  • CodeX Affiliated Faculty
  • Director, Innovation Center for Law and Technology
  • Professor of Law, New York Law School


Former Fellows and Affiliated Faculty

Monica Bay

Former CodeX fellow Monica Bay is known as a journalist, analyst and provocateur. She has served as a co-host (with Robert Ambrogi) of the Law Technology Now podcast (Legal Talk Network), and has written for Thomson Reuters, Legaltech News (ALM) and others.

Michael Bommarito

Michael Bommarito is a former CodeX fellow. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Michigan State University and Head of Research at the ReInventLaw Laboratory. His research interests include natural language processing, machine learning, decision science, optimization, visualization, modeling, and policy, especially as applied to law and finance.

Jason Brewster

Jason Brewster is the CEO of Fair Document Company and was a Fellow at CodeX. He is passionate about improving the process of legal document generation and is a pioneer in the concept of Object Oriented Law.

Bryan Casey

Bryan Casey is a former affiliate scholar at CodeX: The Center for Legal Informatics. His research covers a broad range of issues at the intersection of law and emerging artificial intelligence technologies—particularly those involving transportation systems. He has written extensively on the legal implications of machine decision making, algorithmic explainability, and the role of lawyers as gatekeepers overseeing the deployment of AI-embedded products.

Ignasi Costas

Ignasi Costas is a former CodeX fellow. He is an entrepreneur who is known for his disruptive initiatives. He is one of the founding partners of RCD, which since its creation has become the fastest-growing law firm in Spain. Under Ignasi’s leadership, the firm also became the first in the country to create a legal practice dedicated solely to Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Kate Didech

Kate Didech is the Director of Public Sector Innovation at Symbium, the computational law company that she helped launch while a residential CodeX fellow. Kate is an urban planner and attorney who leverages her background to analyze zoning regulations and make them more actionable, navigable, and comprehensible to the people they directly impact. Kate also serves on the Board of Directors for Next City.

Ashkon Farhangi

Ashkon is a former CodeX fellow with a professional background in product management and an academic background in artificial intelligence. He is currently a Master’s student in the computer science department at Stanford and a product manager at Google. At Stanford, he focuses on machine learning and its applications to natural language processing and spends some time at CodeX applying his NLP background to the legal technology industry. At Google he works as a product manager in the Search Advertising Group. Ashkon previously graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Hilary Ferejohn

Hilary Ferejohn was a fellow at CodeX. Her work explores how user experience and usability can impact regulated industries. Hilary has consulted for legal tech companies and contracted for Facebook as a content strategist. Before expanding to user experience, Hilary practiced estate planning law while working with a startup that helped estate planning lawyers collaborate and practice law more efficiently.

Jake Heller

Jake Heller is a former CodeX fellow. He is the founder and CEO of Casetext, which pairs free legal research and publishing. Jake was president of the Stanford Law Review and a managing editor of the Stanford Law & Policy Review. He clerked for the Honorable Michael Boudin, United States Court of Appeals, First Circuit. Jake then became a litigation associate at Ropes & Gray. He’s been programming since he was 9 and worked full-time as a web developer before law school.

Stephen Kane

Stephen Kane is Founder and CEO of FairClaims and former CodeX fellow. Stephen is a start up and small business attorney by background, and was one of Lex Machina’s first sales hires before they sold to Lexis Nexis. He chairs GRID110, an economic development organization committed to growing the start up ecosystem in downtown LA. Stephen is a graduate of Stanford University and Law School.

Jerry Kaplan

Jerry Kaplan is a former CodeX non-residential fellow, widely known in the computer industry as a serial entrepreneur, executive, technical innovator, and author. He co-founded several Silicon Valley companies, including (social games, 2004); (online auctions, 1994), GO Corporation (tablet computers, 1987), and Teknowledge (expert systems, 1981). Mr. Kaplan wrote the best-selling non-fiction novel “Startup: A Silicon Valley Adventure” (Houghton-Mifflin, 1995).

Joseph Keslar

Joseph Kelsar is a former CodeX fellow. He is an entrepreneurial law librarian and information scientist. He is the Director of Library & Research Services at Blank Rome LLP, a Global 100 law firm, where he directs its competitive intelligence, innovation, knowledge management, and research services functions. Joseph played the lead role in developing the firm’s competitive intelligence function, previously acting as Blank Rome’s first-ever Competitive Intelligence Manager.

Robert Lee

Robert Lee was a resident fellow at CodeX. He has worked both as an entrepreneur and a technology lawyer in Silicon Valley. He has served as CEO of Fly Online, an e-commerce portal that was acquired by Travelzoo, and VP of Intellevate, a legal process outsourcing company that was acquired by CPA Global.

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis was a fellow at CodeX and a co-founder of Ravel Law. Daniel has a BA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins and a JD from Stanford Law (’12) where he focused on technology, cleantech, and criminal law.

Nehal Madhani

Nehal Madhani is a former CodeX Fellow. Madhani is an attorney and the founder and CEO of Alt Legal. Am Law 200 firms, boutique firms, and public companies depend on Alt Legal’s cloud-based software to automatically create and manage thousands of IP filings daily.

Joe Mornin

Joe Mornin is a software engineer and IP lawyer. He’s the creator of Bestlaw, a legal research app that adds features to Westlaw and Lexis.

Jason Moyse

Jason Moyse was a CodeX fellow. He has served on global teams implementing major customer experience initiatives as a connector/doer/spark and key trusted advisor to the C-Suite, Senior Leadership and Governance Teams for legal and business matters. Jason is Manager of Legal Business Solutions on behalf of Elevate Services – a next generation legal service provider helping law firms and corporate legal departments improve efficiency, quality and outcomes through consulting, managed services, technology and talent.

Peter Neufeld

Peter Neufeld was a resident fellow at CodeX. Peter’s work focuses on developing legal analytics for antitrust litigation to improve the comprehension of economics and statistics in case law.

Brad Newman

Bradley K. Newman attended Stanford Law School to obtain his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in the Law, Science & Technology specialty, was a visiting fellow at CodeX, a Principal at StartX (the Stanford Student Startup Accelerator), a co-founder of LawGives, and a volunteer at the Palo Alto Animal Shelter.

Cian O'Sullivan

Cian O'Sullivan is a former CodeX fellow. He is the Top Dog and Founder of Beagle Inc. Beagle uses artificial intelligence to read contracts, and present the information in an intuitive manner. An information technology expert by experience, and law professional by training, Cian has a unique outlook on the law, and technology.

Nik Reed

Nik Reed was a fellow at CodeX and a co-founder of Ravel Law. Nik graduated from Stanford Law School in 2012, where his studies focused on Start-up/Venture Law and International Law.

Daniel Schuman

Daniel Schuman was a CodeX fellow and is the policy director at Demand Progress, a grassroots organization with more than two million members that fight for a modern democracy. He also co-founded the Congressional Data Coalition, which brings together organizations from across the political spectrum to advocate for a tech-savvy Congress.

Bernhard Waltl

Bernhard Waltl is an academic researcher in computer science from the Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on semantic analysis of legal texts, applied artificial intelligence for the legal field (e. g. legal reasoning and Smart Contracts) and network analysis for legal documents. He was a visiting fellow at CodeX.

Kenneth Younge

Kenneth Young is a former CodeX Affiliated Faculty Member. Younge is an Associate Professor in Technology and Innovation Strategy at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).