Former Fellows

Brad Newman

Bradley K. Newman attended Stanford Law School to obtain his Master of Laws (LL.M.) in the Law, Science & Technology specialty, was a visiting fellow at CodeX, a Principal at StartX (the Stanford Student Startup Accelerator), a co-founder of LawGives, and a volunteer at the Palo Alto Animal Shelter.


Nik Reed

Nik Reed was a fellow at CodeX and a co-founder of Ravel Law. Nik graduated from Stanford Law School in 2012, where his studies focused on Start-up/Venture Law and International Law.


Robert Lee

Robert Lee was a resident fellow at CodeX. He has worked both as an entrepreneur and a technology lawyer in Silicon Valley. He has served as CEO of Fly Online, an e-commerce portal that was acquired by Travelzoo, and VP of Intellevate, a legal process outsourcing company that was acquired by CPA Global.


Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis was a fellow at CodeX and a co-founder of Ravel Law. Daniel has a BA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins and a JD from Stanford Law (’12) where he focused on technology, cleantech, and criminal law.


Jason Brewster

Jason Brewster is the CEO of Fair Document Company and was a Fellow at CodeX. He is passionate about improving the process of legal document generation and is a pioneer in the concept of Object Oriented Law.


Joe Mornin

Joe Mornin is a software engineer and IP lawyer. He’s the creator of Bestlaw, a legal research app that adds features to Westlaw and Lexis.


Peter Neufeld

Peter Neufeld was a resident fellow at CodeX. Peter’s work focuses on developing legal analytics for antitrust litigation to improve the comprehension of economics and statistics in case law.