2018 New Fair Hiring Laws

 Background Checks @ Stanford

This policy applies to all staff, academic staff, and temporary employees.

  • Policies and procedures
  • Background checks are initiated only after a conditional written offer letter has been received. Please note the following about the timing of background checks:
    • A Basic background check takes 2-3 business days on average
    • A Basic + Education background check takes 3-5 business days on average
    • International background checks may take 10 business days or longer

Partner with Human Resources

  • Recommend external job boards for posting — Based on prior data from previous Law School job postings, or more specifically in your department from prior search files, recommendations may be made to publicize your job announcement externally beyond the Stanford Jobs website.
  • Help to review and screen applications –  according to specific criteria (determined by hiring manager) — Once the position in your department has been posted on the Stanford Careers website, hiring managers will be able to view their applicant pool by using Taleo Recruitment Manager via Axess.  HR can assist the hiring manager by screening resumes based on specific criteria the hiring manger has determined and will use in making their hiring selection.
  • Phone screens and feedback — Based on the hiring manager’s preference, HR can conduct initial phone screens with appropriate applicants. The hiring manager and HR should establish an agreed upon number of phones screens before this process begins (typically 5-7).  Basic questions will be asked to determine whether or not the applicant should be considered for a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager.
  • Search summary documentation — Taleo is our official applicant tracking database.  All applicant information is stored in this database based on information received directly from each applicant.  Disposition data must be entered for each candidate in the applicant pool.  The hiring manager is expected to give the following information to Human Resources for applicant tracking purposes:
    • A list of all candidates that were phone screened
    • A list of all candidates who interviewed with the department
  • Send “close-out” emails to non-selected candidates — HR will send a standard email to all non-selected candidates who were not considered for the position to inform them that the position has been filled.  This is done as a courtesy to all applicants.  The hiring manager is expected to notify only the candidates that they interview for their position that the position has been filled.

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