Smart Prosecution

The CodeX Smart Prosecution Project seeks to combine the latest advancements in data mining and data analytics to the criminal justice system. In this pursuit, we wish to engage with subject matter experts at Stanford Law School and within the greater Stanford community to promote research developments and products relating to improvements in policing, prosecution and criminal justice. Core to the initiative is a structured exploration of the ethical and social implications of these products. The project is conceived as a platform for conversation relating to the developing technologies and applications that can be applied to advance Smart Prosecution responsibly.

Codex Project Smart Prosecution

Smart Prosecution is an area of research of high interest to the U.S. Department of Justice. The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) established the “smart suite” over five years ago with the creation of the Smart Policing Initiative. The smart suite supports criminal justice professionals in building evidence-based, data-driven criminal justice strategies that are effective, efficient, and economical. BJA’s smart programs represent a strategic approach that brings more science into criminal justice operations by leveraging innovative applications of analysis, technology, and evidence-based practices. For more information please visit:

Smart Prosecution as a practicum of criminal justice is quickly becoming a reality. The technical, legal and ethical standards for operating such systems, is ripe for exploration. With a robust data structure in place, the applications to the criminal justice system are only limited by the imagination.

Project Leader: Nicole Shanahan