Pulling Out of Paris: Why the United States’ Withdrawal Will Not Much Matter


The Article reviews the United States’ recent decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord and recounts some of the most prominent policy discussions surrounding this decision. The Article goes on to explain, that these policy discussions reject science in favor of short-term political gains.

The Article reviews new scientific reports which indicates that sea level rise may be far worse than expected, due in large part to the fact that previous computer models never looked beyond the year 2100. As this Article highlights, our policy discussions have become so heavily focused on the near future that we have created a distorted perception of time that doesn’t mesh with reality. This Article urges policy-makers to take real action on climate now, before it is too late.


Stanford University Stanford, California
  • Robert Wilder, Daniel M. Kammen, & Carson Wilder, Pulling Out of Paris: Why the United States' Withdrawal Will Not Much Matter, 29 Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev. Online, June 2017, at 1.
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