Course Reserves

Reserves are required material for courses that have been made available for short-term loans at the request of SLS Faculty and Instructors. At the Law Library, reserves are housed in the Teaming Room. You may scan the pages you need to consult or borrow the physical copy for up to two hours. Use the self-checkout kiosk in the Teaming Room or download the self-checkout app onto your mobile device via your app store to borrow.

Course Reserves for SLS Students Course Reserves for SLS Faculty and Instructors

Course Reserves for SLS Students

Location and Availability

Course reserves are housed in self-checkout book cabinets in the Teaming Room (Second-floor) at the request of SLS Faculty and instructors.

You may access the self-check cabinet any hour that you are able to enter the library, usually 24/7 minus holidays and winter closure.

When you borrow a reserve from the self-checkout cabinet, you have two hours to use it and then it must be returned to the cabinet. During your two-hour checkout, you may scan pages, within reason of U.S. Copyright Law. There is a scanner adjacent to the self-checkout cabinets and a second scanner is located on the first-floor of the library in room 160 (behind the CIrculation Desk). Otherwise, you are welcome to use the reserve outside of the library or read it in the study room. Just remember to return it within two hours.

Self-checkout book cabinet

Finding Course Reserves

The course reserves are shelved according to the call number. In the Teaming Room and at the Circulation Desk, we have a printed list of reserves by course number.  Otherwise, you may look up the call number using SearchWorks.  If you need help locating a reserve, you should visit the Circulation Desk or email

When reserves are available in the cabinets, they are checked out on a first-come/first serve basis.  If you find that a book you need is constantly checked out, please let Circulation staff know. Also, if you do not see the reserve you are looking for, your instructor may have linked materials in Canvas.

Permanent Reserves

The self-checkout cabinets also house a collection of permanent reserves (short-loan items that are not linked to courses). This collection is distinguishable from course reserves by the yellow book tape on the spine.  Loan periods for permanent reserves vary, but most are generally due back within two-hours.

Borrowing Policies for Reserves

  • The default loan period for course reserves is two hours.
  • When reserve material is available on the shelf, they are checked out on a first-come/first serve basis.
  • Please return borrowed reserves directly to the Self-checkout cabinet. If the cabinet isn’t opening properly or if you require help accessing the cabinet, please see staff at the Circulation Desk during normal operational hours.
  • Please avoid back-to-back checkouts. If you don’t see additional copies available when you return a reserve, and you need to continue using it, please allow at least fifteen minutes to pass before checking the same title out again. This gives others an opportunity to borrow the material.
  • If you lose a reserve, a replacement fee may be imposed. Please contact immediately if a reserve in your possession has been lost or stolen.
Course Reserves books

For SLS Faculty and Instructors

Setting Up Course Reserves

Textbook List material is automatically placed on course reserves at Law Library. Please use this form to alert library staff about any additional material you need to place on reserve. Please note the following, Law Library does not consult course syllabi in order to determine what should be on reserve.

Viewing Your Print Course Reserves List(s)

Faculty and Instructors may email to inquire about the status of your reserves. Additionally, reserves may be looked up via SearchWorks.


If you have any questions about course reserves or anything else, please contact us at or call (650) 723-2477 during operating hours.
For further assistance, contact Will Huggins, Access Services Librarian at 650 313-1890.