Stanford Advocates for Immigrants’ Rights (SAIR)

Stanford Advocates for Immigrants’ Rights is a student group dedicated to promoting and defending the interests of all immigrants living in the United States. We are committed to serving the immigrant community by encouraging greater student involvement in immigrant issues, whether it be through school-wide and community education, direct legal services, collaboration with advocacy organizations, or political mobilization. In pursuing this mission, we hope to raise awareness about the injustices faced by immigrants nationwide and build a coalition of support.If you’re interested in being a part of the team or have a project idea, we want to hear from you!

On-call law students in SAIR perform pro bono legal research for local nonprofits as needs arise and immigration policies change.

SAIR students research and teach the Stanford community about immigration law and policy during "teach ins". Anyone in the Stanford community is welcome to attend.

SAIR partners with the SLS Immigration Pro Bono to provide on-call volunteers for urgent intakes as needs arise and immigration policies change, such as during the travel ban.

Stanford Advocates for Immigrants' Rights (SAIR) 8

Read more about what SAIR has been up to since its founding in November 2016 and other ways SLS is tackling the legal challenges of immigration law and policy here.

Tackling Legal Challenges of Immigration