Stanford Artificial Intelligence & Law Society (SAILS)

Mission Statement

The Stanford Artificial Intelligence & Law Society seeks to raise student awareness of the legal issues associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. By exposing students to these issues and the people working in this space, SAILS aims to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. In such a diffuse and interdisciplinary field, SAILS hopes to serve as a centralized repository of the resources and people relevant to AI/ML and the law.

Board Members

Zach Harned
Founder and Co-president

Bryan Casey

Binquan Zhuang
Treasurer, VP

Monica Zwolinski
Event Manager, VP

Ryan Daniels
VP of Lecture Series

Macey Shay
VP of Lecture Series

Isabella Fu
VP of External Affairs

Joy Wan
Chair of External Affairs

Jared Bond
VP of Education

Amit Itai
VP of Strategy

Tori Noble
Chair of Communications

John Engelen
LLM Advisor

Rhyea Malik
LLM Advisor

Jorge Gabriel
LLM Advisor

Omar Vasquez Duque
JSM Advisor

Bebe Strnad

Amanda Rubin


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