Stanford Human Rights Law Association (SHRLA)

SHRLA is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the advancement of international human rights law and advocacy. By providing students with a forum to explore and engage in human rights work, SHRLA seeks to raise awareness and promote the rights of women, children and men throughout the world.

SHRLA is actively involved in increasing the educational opportunities available for students interested in international human rights law. SI\HRLA played a leading role in bringing the Human Rights and National Security Law Clinic to campus in Fall 2004, and it will continue to work in the future to ensure the permanency of the clinic. SHRLA is also in the process of creating externship opportunities abroad for students who wish to gain additional practical experience.

SHRLA’s other activities include sponsoring speakers and symposia, assisting nonprofit organizations with research, participating in advocacy projects and collaborating with other student groups at Stanford and in the Bay Area to promote human rights.

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