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The Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties (CRCL) is an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to civil rights and liberties issues–both domestic and international.

Stanford Law School students founded CRCL in 2004 to explore the changing landscape of the civil rights and civil liberties dialogue, the real world implications of these changes on society, and the larger structural and systematic implications of these issues.

CRCL publishes two issues per year, featuring articles, essays, reviews, and commentary from prominent and emerging scholars, practitioners, and students. In addition to organizing annual symposia on civil rights and civil liberties, CRCL invites speakers and panelists to engage with the Stanford community on topics of interest and importance.

CRCL membership is open to all Stanford Law School students. Executive Board members are elected in the spring quarter of each year.

Current Issue: Volume XIII, Issue 2

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2017-2018 Leadership

Melissa Cornell

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