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The Stanford Technology Law Review (STLR) strives to present well-rounded analyses of the legal, business, and policy issues that arise at the intersection of intellectual property law, science and technology, and industry. STLR publishes exclusively online, providing timely coverage of emerging issues to its readership base of legal academics and practitioners.

STLR publishes feature articles, working papers, and perspectives from scholars, distinguished practitioners, and students. Membership in STLR provides students with interests in technology the opportunity to work with noted scholars in their fields of interest, develop strong writing and editing skills, and gain experience with Internet publishing technology. As a relatively new and growing organization, STLR also affords unparalleled opportunities for leadership and a chance to leave a legacy at Stanford Law School.

Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 2

Volume 24

2020-21 Leadership

Trillium Chang
Chris Fu

Managing Editor
Tyler McClure

Executive Editors
Olivia Malone
Alex Evelson

Articles Editors
Isabella Corbo
Matthew Dhaiti

Online Editor
Sam Henick

Symposium Chairs
Justin Garfinkle
Matt Krantz

Undergraduate Articles Committee
Darius Namazi

Undergraduate Chair
Nivedha Soundappan


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Stanford Technology Law Review
Crown Quadrangle, Stanford Law School, Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305

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