The Stanford Technology Law Review evaluates articles, notes, and essays which address issues at the intersection of law and technology. STLR accepts submissions by students, scholars, practitioners, and advocates.

Articles: STLR is currently open for submissions.

Student Notes: STLR is currently open for submissions.

Electronic Submissions

STLR only evaluates article submissions made in electronic form through ScholasticaHQ. Paper and email submissions for full-length articles are no longer reviewed.

If you receive an alternative publication offer prior to receiving a decision from STLR, please see “Expedite and Withdrawal Requests” below for information about how to request expedited review via ScholasticaHQ.

The Stanford Technology Law Review is currently open for submissions. Please submit articles for consideration via ScholasticaHQ.

Manuscript Specifications

All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format. PDF and other text formats are not accepted. The text and citations of submissions should generally conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed.). All submissions should also include a brief abstract and a resume or CV. Cover letters are not required but are permitted. STLR has a word limit of 30,000 words (including footnotes), and a preference for 25,000 words or fewer. We particularly value brevity, so we look favorably on pieces that are significantly below the 30,000-word ceiling.

Expedite and Withdrawal Requests

In the event that you receive an alternative publication offer, STLR will do its best to expedite review of your submission. To expedite review of a submission, we require the following information: (1) the journal that has given you an offer; (2) when that offer was given; (3) when that offer expires. This process should be completed through the ScholasticaHQ submission portal.

Requests not providing this information may not be reviewed on an expedited basis. STLR will only expedite review on the basis of actual offers; indications that another journal may or is likely to extend an offer is not sufficient for expedited review purposes. Submissions reviewed on an expedited basis and accepted will be given shorter offer deadlines than articles accepted through the regular review process.

If you wish to withdraw your submission from consideration, please use the withdraw function or notify STLR directly. Please withdraw submissions as soon as you have accepted an offer elsewhere.

Student Note Submissions

The Stanford Technology Law Review is currently open for submissions.

STLR’s Notes submission is open to all law students and recent graduates (classes of 2022-2023) from any ABA-accredited American law school.

Student Note Requirements:

  • Notes must be under 17,500 words, including footnotes.
  • Notes must discuss and analyze an original legal issue or problem at the intersection of technology and the law in some depth.
  • All submissions are considered and evaluated by the Articles Committee without any identifying information. Upon submitting your Note via email, STLR’s Editors-in-Chief remove all identifying information from the Note before passing it to the Articles Committee for evaluation.
  • Formatting: Please use 12-point Times New Roman font and double-space the text of your Note. For the footnotes, use 10-point Times New Roman font and single-spacing. The Note should use 1-inch margins and include page numbers in the bottom-right corner of the page. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word.

If you have any questions regarding the Notes submission process, especially if it requires you to identify your submission, please directly contact Editors-in-Chief Sam Gensburg ( and Victoria Fang (

Other Issues

Please address any additional questions about the submissions process to . Please do not e-mail submissions to this address and please do not email questions about Note submissions to this address.