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Joint Degree

Inspired by the world in which our students will ultimately work, where no one works alone and solutions to problems come from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

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Providing students opportunities to contribute ideas, collaborate on research and learn the law as they help shape it.

Going Global SLS

To make a difference in the world, learn how law works around the globe.

At SLS, we believe lawyers have the greatest impact when they are culturally competent and able to understand the global dimensions of complex decisions made by all the players in the global arena, including multinational companies, regulators, and nongovernmental organizations.

We have taken the lead in preparing students for this reality with a new Global Law Initiative. Our innovative model for training tomorrow’s law and business leaders is comprised of three elements:  a foundational course on global legal practice; intensive overseas studies trips; and greater integration of transnational law into existing core courses. Stanford Law’s robust program in international and comparative law provides additional resources and experiences for cultivating global perspective.

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This was one of the most incredible and rewarding academic experiences I have ever had. However, without SLS’s generous financial contribution, this trip would not have been possible for me. … It is this kind of willingness to experiment, institutional flexibility, and commitment to the student experience that truly sets Stanford Law School apart.

-John Barton, JD‘15, Stanford Lawyer, Issue 91

Information Session on Upcoming Spring Break Field Study Trips to India and China

October 31, 2016 @12:45pm
Location: @SLS:Room 180

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