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Exams in progress.

"There’s just so much energy and enthusiasm and intelligence at this place. People don’t just talk about problems. They find a way to fix it. They start a pro bono that’s helping veterans find jobs or helping victims of human trafficking.”

James Barton, JD ’15

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A hallmark of Stanford University and a distinct strength of Stanford Law, where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields.

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One-year master's degree programs and a doctoral degree (JSD) for international graduate students who have earned a law degree outside the United States.

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A former lawyer for Trump, Sidney Powell, could be disbarred for lying in court. SLS's Nora Freeman Engstrom comments via the @guardian:

Tune in on Wednesday, December 8 to hear Stanford Law's @yunpovi testify at the senate committee hearing addressing violence in Native Communities through VAWA Title IX special jurisdiction:

In anticipation of a looming housing and evictions crisis following COVID-19-based eviction moratoria expiring, Stanford’s legal community undertook several projects to help low-income residents in the local area and California.

.@WSJ looks at SEC issuing guidance on ‘spring-loaded’ stock awards talking to SLS's Rob Daines who says, "Spring loading continues to be widespread because companies still have an incentive to release bad news before an options grant and good news after." ...