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Experience Stanford Law

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"Innovation" and "interdisciplinary" approaches are not brochure buzzwords for SLS, but galvanizing principles evident in the law school’s steadfast commitment to forging new frontiers.

Rayne Sullivan, JD '23

SLS Degree Programs

Joint Degree

A hallmark of Stanford University and a distinct strength of Stanford Law, where students can explore the many ways law intersects with other fields.

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faculty summer reading list books

One-year master's degree programs and a doctoral degree (JSD) for international graduate students who have earned a law degree outside the United States.

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SLS Professor Daniel Ho's May 16 testimony to the Senate was discussed by @thehill in "A tale of two AI futures".


"The Sackett decision dramatically shrinks the authority of the US Environmental Protection Agency & Army Corps of Engineers to regulate wetlands."

Deborah Sivas talks to @StanfordLawMag about the SCOTUS decision limiting EPA powers & possible impacts: ...https://stanford.io/42aUrSk

Lisa Colpoys (@lcolpoys) joins the @StanfordCLP as the Justice Innovation Lead for the Filing Fairness Project.

Read more: https://stanford.io/3q3OQjq

“There is much value in what endures, as well as hope for species in the most tenuous circumstances. My dream is to make people understand the biological richness of this country … and how we can make things better for Haiti,” - Anderson Jean, Bright Award winner

Next week, Thursday,... June 1, Stanford will celebrate Anderson Jean, the 2022 Bright Award winner, with an award presentation followed by a panel discussion focusing on the challenges of conservation in poverty-stricken portions of the world, in the Caribbean, and beyond.

Learn more: https://stanford.io/3My7sja