New Year, New Opportunities

Clinics, Practicums, Intensive Overseas Study — SLS Students Hit the Ground Running in 2017.

Joint Degree

Inspired by the world in which our students will ultimately work, where no one works alone and solutions to problems come from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

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Providing students opportunities to contribute ideas, collaborate on research and learn the law as they help shape it.

Joint Degree Students

Practice and Innovate Across Diverse Disciplines

The New JD

“The joint degree opportunity was the reason I chose Stanford. Now, I use my interdisciplinary training every day in assessing potential litigation for the Sierra Club, where our goal is to protect the environment, not just win cases. My science and policy background helps me evaluate whether new litigation will really achieve our environmental goals.”

-Ellen Medlin, JD/MS ’10,
(read full story from Stanford Lawyer Issue 86)

Joint Degrees



At Stanford Law, we take the concept of interdisciplinary education to a new level through a wide array of formal joint degree programs combined with limitless opportunities to customize your own academic path – many of which can be completed in three years and at a much lower cost than a joint degree elsewhere.


Watch Video: Students Discuss the Advantages of a Joint Degree at Stanford

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