Our Mission

We seek to provide an open, informative, and impartial platform focusing on policy developments in the blockchain space.

The RegTrax initiative is a response to the increasingly complex and uncertain regulatory environment in jurisdictions across the nation and the globe.  Particularly in the absence of any comprehensive or integrated legal frameworks, we identified a critical need for a dynamic, collaborative blockchain regulatory hub to help build a shared understanding and a launch pad for efforts to advance thoughtful regulatory initiatives. RegTrax seeks to provide an open discussion forum for policymakers, technologists and academics, while also acting as an information hub for participants to monitor, review, analyze, and discuss regulatory, legislative and policy developments in the greater blockchain space.

As part of our launch, RegTrax is collecting enacted and proposed legislation and regulation from jurisdictions around the world.  We are in the planning stages of hosting a neutral forum where policymakers, builders, researchers, and the public can come together to discuss and learn, and creating a focal point for leading thinkers to broadly share their insights.

Explore our regulatory repository, jump in on one of our discussions, or help us keep an eye out for new developments to track. We are building an open, collaborative online community and encourage your contributions and insights.

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RegTrax Regulatory Database

The RegTrax database is updated regularly and is still in a beta (i.e., non-comprehensive) stage. This is an open source platform and a resource for global blockchain regulations. This is not legal advice and should be considered to be under construction.



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Tony Lai

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Kushagra Shrivastava

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