Leadership & Advisory Boards

About Board of Visitors

Since 1958, the Board of Visitors has played an important role in helping the dean of the law school respond to particular challenges facing legal education. Members of the Board are appointed by the dean and are selected for their distinction as leaders in law, business, and service to the public, and demonstrated commitment to the school. They meet as a group once each year to discuss a wide range of issues including the legal profession, legal education, short-term and long-term plans for Stanford Law School, and ongoing concerns in areas related to student admissions and careers, curricular initiatives, faculty research, alumni and constituent involvement, and resource needs. The Board’s input is critical to maintaining the school’s strong tradition of academic excellence.

Leadership & Advisory Boards 1

Regional Law Chapter Leadership

Executive Law Chapter Chair
Reuben Chen, JD ’03

Executive Law Chapter Vice Chair
Holley Horrell, JD ’12

Bay Area
Vinita Kailasanath, MS ’04, JD ’10
Faris Ali Mohiuddin, ’07, JD ’13, MBA ’14
Ale Lynberg, ’11, JD ’19

Rui Wang, LLM ’09

Felipe Costa Rodrigues Neves, LLM ’19
Guilherme Peres Potenza, LLM ’13
Fabiana Solano, LLM ’14
Pablo Sorj, LLM ’05

Brad Howard, JD ’98
Drew Olejnik, JD ’04
Ashlee Pinto, JD ’15
Greg Schweizer, JD ’15
Miriam Zeidman, JD ’07

Pablo Acevedo, LLM ’15

Guillaume Braidi, LLM ’19
Julie Carlin-Sasaki, JD ’88
Bianca Crivellini Eger, LLM ’17
Maria Gomez Rodriguez, LLM ’09
Jørgen Bek Weiss Hansen, LLM ’11
Vanessa Isler, LLM ’19
Katherine Jonckheere, LLM ’14
Mariana Magalhães Chapei, LLM ’16
Cameron Murphy, JD ’03
Silja Reschke, LLM ’13

Hong Kong
Geoffrey Chan, JD ’04

Los Angeles
Steven Arkow, JD ’89
Adam Sieff, JD ’14
Jennifer Chou, ’00, MA ’01, JD ’05

Dick Crockett, JD ’69
Ivan Fong, JD ’87
Tom Pack, JD ’12
Ethan Roberts, JD ’03

New York
Valentina Cassata, LLM ’08
David Chalfin, JD ’88
Ashly Nikkole Davis, JD ’13
Jenny Hochenberg, JD ’09
Adriana Maestas, ’01, JD ’05
Kimiya Shams, LLM ’16
Nathan Werksman, JD ’18

Mary Ann Frantz, ’75, JD ’78

San Diego
Sophia Rios, JD ’15

Monica Estrada, JD ’13
Mark Middaugh, JD ’14

Sherry Shen, LLM ’07

Catherine Hanna, JD ’88
Edward Loya, JD ’05
Marcos Rosales, JD ’09

Chie Nakahara, LLM ’11
Michihiro Nishi, LLM ’11
Christoph Rademacher, LLM ’09

Washington, DC
James Barton, ’09, JD ’15
Henrique Canarim, LLM ’10
Matt Ferraro, JD ’13
Hon. Florence Y. Pan, JD ’93
Rae Woods, JD ’07

Law Fund Chairs

Naomi Waltman, JD ’88

Reunion Leadership

National Reunion Chair
Herbie Bohnet, JD ’03

Asia Advisory Board

Jeremy Brest, JD ’96
Will Cai, JD ’06
Yanping Cao, JD ’97
Geoffrey Chan, JD ’04
Glenn Chin-Yuen Chao, JD ’96
William A. Farris, JD ’98

Yvette Yeh Fung, JD ’88
Michael Victor Gisser, JD ’82
Singer John Huang, JD ’94
Brent Irvin, JD ’03
Mi-Hyung Kim, JD ’89
Ling Li, JSM ’01

Xiaoyang Li, JD ’89
Liang Tang, MS ’04, PhD ’08
Rui Wang, JD ’09
Robert Woll, JD ’84
Yi Zhang, JD ’06

South America Advisory Board

Jose Mauro Decoussau Machado, LLM ’09
Dennys Marcelo Antonialli, JSM ’11
Daniel Arbix, LLM ’10
Vanessas Fiusa, LLM ’10
Gui Potenza, LLM ’13
Vanessa Pareja Lerner, LLM ’11
Giovani Ribeiro Loss, LLM ’07
Pablo Sorj, LLM ’05